Marcus Alderson Launches 3D Tours

Marcus Alderson

Marcus Alderson launches of 3D tours

Our lives have changed, and we have changed and adapted the way we work by finding new ways of making it easier for you to find your perfect home.

Our stunning new 3-D VIRTUAL TOURS allow you to view a home from the comfort of your own, or where ever you are, whenever you want…There’s no need to book a viewing & no need to cancel a viewing. Just enjoy your own private tour as you walk through the house of your choice.

We’ve come to reassess our homes and what we want from where we live. We’re more focused on spaces within and outside the home – places of work and/or relaxation, andWe engage you virtually with the same richness of experience as an actual in-house viewing. Walk through & view all areas of the property & take in ceiling heights, fireplaces, doorway & windows, furniture positioning etc.

It’s easy – take a tour through: Once loaded, click on the 3-d floorplan image, then scroll or click through to enjoy your viewing…

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